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Margaux, Accessibility Marketing Director

As someone with ADHD no matter how clean and organized my apartment was, I still felt it was never tidy enough. I finally decided to invest in getting help from a professional organizer and I'm so glad I did. Keith was amazing- nonjudgmental, very knowledgeable, and expert at what he does. Keith helped me declutter and streamline my stuff and set up better organizational methods. I feel great! I have more peace of mind, I know where everything is, getting ready for work is so much easier. Definitely worth the investment to work with Keith! I would give him more than 5 stars if that was an option.

Tiffany, Primary Care Physician
If you get the chance to work with Keith do it!!! I had the opportunity to work with Keith on a couple of projects. The first was de-cluttering my office space. I learned so much from him. I had been stuck in limited thinking and ideas about organization and he changed my world. I now have specific new skills and tools to use in all my de-cluttering projects. I also worked with him on revamping my filing system. He has magically and radically altered the way I organize and keep papers. The new system will actually help me avoid clutter in the future. I can't say enough about Keith. He is so patient and kind and easy to work with. Interesting company to boot! 5 stars is not enough.
Chelsea, Student
Keith is incredible. I was hesitant to hire someone to help organize, feeling it was something I could tackle myself. After chatting with him on the phone for the initial consult, I felt completely open to the idea. It was 100% worth it. Keith is gentle, patient, assertive and kind. His guidance and approach were spectacular. His passion for the process and genuine care is palpable. I have noticed space in not just my living environment but my life since working with him.
Nadia, Attorney

Keith is rad!!! I was nervous about having someone help me organize and felt like it was something I should be able to do on my own. But I'm so glad I took the leap. Keith is really fun to hang out with (and didn't mind that I wanted to drink wine during the sessions ha). It feels like we have a new house now. It's been about six months and we're still going strong with the systems Keith helped us put in place. Thanks buddy!!!! We're really, really grateful.

Will, Actor

Keith was fantastic. I had a lot of stuff, and always had a hard time throwing things out, but he had a simple, yet effective method for both helping me to organize all my belongings, and to let go of that which didn't serve me anymore. We tackled everything from clothes, to my office/workspace, to my kitchen, to books and movies. It's amazing how much space we freed up in the process. Now I'm no longer stressed to come home and find everything in disarray but I can finally breathe again! Opening my drawers and cabinets and seeing everything neatly in its place, it's like a whole new apartment, and a truly incredible feeling, and it brings a smile to my face every time.


At first I wasn't crazy at the prospect of hiring a professional organizer, that I could "do it myself," but now I know how invaluable it is having a neutral third party who is able to read both you and your space and guide you to make the best decisions possible. It also helps that Keith is incredibly kind, patient, and fun to work with. Do yourself a favor and give him a call today. It might just be life-changing.

Shane, Restaurant Owner

Organizing was never my thing, and until working with Keith I hadn’t realized how much of a noticeable and permanent positive impact several seemingly small changes can make in my everyday life.

As someone with ADHD, I was especially impressed with how knowledgeable Keith was as to how to work with someone in my situation. He was proactive in offering personalized advice and systems but never patronizing, always listening and working with me to find the best approach.

He has a great, engaging presence (even over Zoom) and is easy to communicate with; rather than try to make my organizing style fit into a box he helped me find personalized solutions to make my space more efficient and well-suited to my lifestyle and aspirations. Can’t recommend him enough.

Tania, Web Developer
Keith is more than worth his very reasonable rate. He turned chaos into harmony at my apartment with patience, courtesy and humor. I can't recommend him highly enough for helping me overcome a lifelong obstacle of clutter and overwhelm!
Clyde, Interactive Designer

Keith is awesome to work with! He is nice, professional and really easy going. He helped me organize my home and made it really simple with steps and process that made going through my things a much easier task than it would have been on my own. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to organize their space and simplify their homes. Thanks so much, Keith!!

Louis, Software Developer

I'm preparing to move out of the country and Keith made what seemed like an overwhelming mountain of effort, to organize and clear out 5 years worth of accumulated belongings, a small nicely-labeled hill of specific small tasks. He helped me go through my entire life's possessions in 3 fun sessions and cut down my stress/anxiety of moving.


Keith is also a very friendly and enthusiastic guy who was super positive and judgment free.

Taylor, Preschool Teacher

Organizing is not my strong suit. In fact it's something I've struggled with the majority of my life. I've always been ashamed and embarrassed of how I keep my space. Finally I decided to seek professional help. When I reached out to Keith as a professional organizer, he was such an incredible help. He was able to to convey his vast skills and knowledge in a way that not only catered directly to my needs, but made me feel at ease and free of any kind of judgment or criticism. With just one virtual session I was able to put forth a plan towards my specific organizing goals and see results. The biggest takeaway was the he helped me change my perspective on how organizing can uplift my lifestyle and daily routines. I can't recommend him enough!

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